Welcome from Dean

  • Published: 2014-09-15
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Dr. QIN Dahe, Professor, Member of CAS, Dean of CRE

Welcome to College of Resources and Environment (CRE) in  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)! It offers you a window into pioneer researches conducted by more than 19 institutes of CAS system in the research field of resources and environment.

CRE was set up in 2004 as the educational and management platform for graduate students in the research fields of resources and environmental sciences in CAS. It has four academic primary disciplines: geography, environmental science and engineering, ecology, and agricultural resources and environment, as well as many cutting edge interdisciplinary research divisions such as studies on environmental microbial technology and microbial ecology, environmental health, etc. Supported by 19 institutes in CAS, CRE is a fantastic academic institution for graduate students to achieve their doctoral or master’s degree.

The faculty of CRE consists of 24 full-time members and more than 160 part-time members distributed in the associated CAS institutes including more than 10 CAS members. Such a teaching team brings to the college more than 200 courses each year with a depth and range of experience unmatched by any other faculty. Our students, both doctoral and master students, finish their dissertation research in the 19 institutes all over China supported by top-level laboratories and research teams, which brings them strong backgrounds in their academic lives.

CRE also welcome international collaborations with universities and institutes all over the world. I hope that you enjoy your virtual visit to CRE through this website connected with our vibrant, creative and welcoming community.


QIN Dahe

Dean of College of Resources and Environment